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Tips for Moving into your Residence Hall


Posted on June 25, 2015 by Delaware Valley University .

As move-in day approaches for college freshmen, the anticipation and planning of your year in your new residence hall begins. With this process comes a certain level of stress and rushing to make sure you have everything you need. But the college move-in process can be simplified so you can enjoy this momentous event instead of stressing through it.

At Delaware Valley University, we want our new students to experience a smooth move-in process when they arrive at their new residence halls. Read on for some tips on how to make your move into your college residence hall smooth and stress-free.

1. Plan ahead of time.
There’s nothing worse than arriving at your new residence hall only to find out that you’re missing some crucial items. However, if you begin planning what you need to get ahead of time, you’ll be prepared come move-in day. Make a checklist early in the summer and keeping adding to it as things come to mind.

2. Reach out to your new roommate(s).
It’s important to start on a good foot with your new roommate (or roommates), so taking the initiative and reaching out to him or her will help you to build an engaging relationship. 

For moving-in purposes, it’s also a good idea to find out what they’re bringing to the residence hall to balance out what you need. You don’t need two TVs or two large sofas, for instance. By finding out who’s bringing what, you don’t have to worry about taking as much as you thought.

3. Explore your room’s dimensions and what’s already offered.
When students find out what residence hall their living in, they should make it a point to visit their room and hall before the summer begins. If you knock on the door of your new room, the students who are currently living should let you take a quick look around. This is important when deciding what furniture to bring, how much you plan to pack into your closet, and how much free space you’ll have in the room.

Finding out what will already be in your room when you arrive will also help you determine what you need to bring. Does your room come with a desk? Drawers for your clothes? A bed? Figuring out what you need to bring and what you don’t will help your move-in day to be as efficient as possible.

4. Bring the family.
The more people you have helping you move in to your residence hall, the quicker the process will be. It’s also easier for you because you won’t have to do as much work. Moving everything into your residence hall is a tiring process, so having a lot of help will make it easier. There’s also no need for you to be embarrassed about having you family with you on move-in day, since most students will likely have their families with them as well.

Don’t stress about moving into your new residence hall at DelVal. It’s a long process, but if you start early and properly plan out the essentials that you need to bring with you, your move-in process will be easy and stress-free.

Students who are beginning to go through the college shopping process can schedule a visit to DelVal’s campus to learn more about our university.