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Tips for Landing a Job after College


Posted on June 18, 2015 by Delaware Valley University .

One of the many goals of your college career is landing a job when you graduate. While it may seem easy, many students go through a long, strenuous job searching process many times because they aren’t doing everything they can to boost their chances as potential candidates.

It’s important for Delaware Valley University to see to the success of our students, which includes finding gainful employment upon graduating. To help you with your job searching process, read on for some tips for landing a job after college.

Set Up a LinkedIn Profile
It’s important that you work to build connections as early in the job searching process as possible, and with LinkedIn, you’ll have the ability to digitally connect with employers in the career field of your choice. When you make these connections, employers will be able to view your LinkedIn profile, which has your résumé, career aspirations, awards and accolades, and any other information that will show you’re a qualified candidate. It’s the perfect way to get recruiters to notice you, which could lead to an interview.

Employers aren’t scrolling through Facebook for job applicants, so DelVal students need to establish a social media presence that benefits their job searching process, and that’s through LinkedIn.

Scatter Your Job Applications
The more job applications that you send out, the more responses from employers you’ll inevitably receive. This is the reality of the job searching process, and it’s regressive for DelVal students to put all of their eggs in one basket, so to speak. Students shouldn’t limit themselves, but instead they should branch out to see what opportunities come their way. 

Make a goal to send out 10 to 20 job applications each week and go in with the mindset that different jobs may not be right or wrong for you, but rather hold different experiences.

Utilize Career Services
The DelVal Center for Student Professional Development is designed to help students navigate and explore their desired career field and options. When beginning to search for jobs, DelVal students need to take advantage of the various resources available to them to assist in finding gainful employment. These include tips and assistance on:

·         Résumés

·         Cover letters

·         Interviewing

·         Searching for jobs

DelVal’s Office of Career Services also has available walk-in hours, or by appointment, for career counseling meetings that you can use to have a professional answer any questions you have about jobs or interviewing. The DelVal Career Services center is here for a reason, and students shouldn’t go through their four years of college without scheduling a visit.

Finding a job after college isn’t always easy, but there are ways that students can improve their potential as candidates. Making sure that DelVal students establish strong social media practices on LinkedIn and take the time to apply for as many jobs as possible are two big steps toward landing a job after college. 

Some of the most beneficial resources for students who are looking for jobs come from the DelVal Center for Student and Professional Development. Stop by the first floor of Segal Hall next time you’re on campus to see how they can help you.