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Tips for a Successful First Year of College


Posted on September 8, 2015 by Delaware Valley University.

As you begin your college career, you’re bound to feel a variety of different emotions: excitement, anxiety, nervousness, intimidation and ambition, for example. But no matter how excited or nervous you may be, the overall goal for your first year here at Delaware Valley University is making it a successful one.

DelVal wants to see all of our freshmen experience a great first year here and take advantage of all we have to offer. Continue reading to learn some helpful tips for a successful first year of college. 

1. Go to Class
This is a no-brainer. While it may be easy to blow off a lecture to hang out with your friends or sleep in after a late night, skipping class can become a horrible habit that won’t end well for you. Missing invaluable class information will lead to missed assignments and projects and not being prepared for exams. Worst of all, your professors will notice if you’re constantly in and out of class and that will reflect poorly on your class participation grade. 

When you repeatedly skip class during your freshman year, your GPA will reflect it, and your college career at DelVal will start at a low point. 

2. Reach Out to a CSPD Advisor
It’s never too early to begin your career search, and freshmen at DelVal who meet with an advisor at our Center for Student Professional Development (CSPD) will have a leg up on the game. DelVal’s CSPD is extremely helpful for our undergrads, as they can meet with an advisor to receive advice and guidance on résumé preparation, interviews, job searching strategies, recruiting events and much more. 

Enjoy a great first year of college by getting an early start on preparing yourself for a career.

3. Stay Healthy and Eat Right
A healthy diet and lifestyle will keep you in a good mood and your brain fresh throughout your first year of college. By developing a fitness routine or running route and maintaining a healthy diet, you’ll have the energy to hang out with your new friends and the focus to concentrate on your studies. 

We frequently overlook the value of a healthy lifestyle, but not only will eating right and working out help you stay in shape, it’s also scientifically proven to help you feel good. So while it can be easy to fall into lethargic habits and take advantage of the limitless chicken fingers and fries at the dining hall, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a great way to start your freshman year at DelVal with a bang.

Don’t fall behind early in your college career. Instead, take these three tips and apply them to your freshman year at DelVal to make sure that your first year of college is fulfilling. 

If you’re interested in seeing what life is like for a student here at DelVal, you can plan a campus visit to learn more.