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The long and winding road to a facilities master plan


Posted on January 21, 2015 by By Art Glass, vice president for finance and administration.

Courtesy: Delaware Valley College. Delaware Valley College's campus.

Some of you may remember that Delaware Valley University has been working on a facilities master plan as a part of its strategic plan. The agriculture and facilities committee of the Board of Trustees directed the administration to update the current plan, which was created in 1993.

After an RFP process, DelVal selected Stantec to work with the College to update the plan. Stantec has met with different focus groups through the process and gathered data to help with updating the plan.

The groups include: cabinet, two faculty groups, Student Government Board, a student focus group, trustees and alumni. We also met with other departments and individuals to solicit ideas for the plan.

We have been looking at the best way to redo the residence halls with the goal of integrating them more fully into the student experience. Some projects being considered are: new residence halls, renovation of existing halls, a new student center and a new athletic center. DelVal is also looking at the idea of having housing that would bring students in the same majors together to aid in nontraditional learning.

Of course, the important areas of academics and admissions cannot be overlooked.

We have the new Life Sciences Building and the plan includes a new Student Services and Welcome Center. We are also looking at traffic patterns with a goal of eliminating vehicle traffic intersecting with pedestrian traffic as much as possible.

These are great plans, but also require funding and this is where the project is now. The proposed plan as drafted would require about $170 million in funding. The question that we have to ask is, “Is this a realistic plan and how do we obtain the funding to make the plan a reality?”

If it is not a realistic plan what do we revise that makes it realizable? The plan has been presented to the agriculture and facilities committee of the board of trustees and they are considering next steps to finalize the plan.