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Best Summer Study Habits


Posted on June 2, 2015 by Delaware Valley University .

While summer is primarily for relaxing, it’s beneficial for Delaware Valley University students to keep their minds fresh and prepare for the fall semester now through August. 

However, developing summer study habits isn’t easy to do on your own. And while the word “study” is widely considered outlandish for students on summer vacation, there are ways to create an effective balance between work and play. 

DelVal wants you to have fun this summer but also work in some brain exercises for your overall well-being. Read on to learn about the best summer study habits.

1. Set reasonable study goals. Realistically, you aren’t going to get the same amount of studying done during the summer months as you would during your semesters at school. Realization of this is key for DelVal students who are trying to develop summer study habits. 

There will be plenty of distractions during the summer that make it difficult for you to sit down and study, but if you set your study bar low, you can create a balance between using your brain and enjoying the summer.

For example, if you make a realistic goal of studying or reading for two hours each week, you’ll be more likely to accomplish that goal since you know it’s obtainable. On the other hand, you’re less likely to get any studying done if you set a goal of two hours every day.

2.  Find a study buddy. Just like with working out, you’ll be more motivated to study if you have a friend studying along with you during the summer. Set times and places to meet and go over the same topics, if you can. This is one of the best ways to study, no matter the time of the year, but it will be even more beneficial in the summer when it’s difficult to find a reason to hit the books.

3. Study your upcoming courses. If you’re having trouble finding ways to get motivated for studying over the summer, think about the advantage you can create for yourself when it comes to your fall courses. If you really want to succeed and earn a high GPA in the fall semester, you can plan ahead in the summer by finding out your course topics and doing your research ahead of time. If there’s a required reading list, you can get a jump on that as well. 

Once your class starts, you’ll be ready for your upcoming assignments and have a strong understanding of what’s being discussed in class.

While studying over the summer isn’t the most attractive idea, the benefits you’ll get from giving your brain a workout will be noticeable once the fall semester begins. 

DelVal students who are looking to get ahead in their course requirements over the summer can take advantage of the summer courses offered at DelVal. You can click here to for more information.