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How to make the Most out of your Summer Internship


Posted on June 4, 2015 by Delaware Valley University .

Summer provides a great opportunity for Delaware Valley University students to take part in an internship to gain experience, network and work toward building up their résumés. However, in the blink of an eye, summer will be over and your internship will end.

Because of how fast an internship can come and go, it’s important that you do everything possible to make a lasting impression that could eventually lead to a full-time position. Read on for DelVal’s tips about how to make the most of your summer internship.

1. Show you’re a hard worker. Internship supervisors want to see that you’re willing to work hard during your summer at their company or business. While an intern probably has a smaller amount of required hours, you should still show you have what it takes to be a full-time employee. Get to work earlier than expected and stay past the end of your shift. By doing this, you’ll spend more time in the office, and supervisors will notice your determination to succeed.

2. Make yourself known. By the time your internship ends, the other employees at the company or business should know who you are. Being able to communicate and establish relationships with your fellow employees is a key quality that employers look for in a new hire. Demonstrating that you have this skill will increase your likeability and be beneficial in the long run.

To make yourself known, you should make an effort to introduce yourself to all of the other employees with whom you work. If you’re alone in the cafeteria with someone else, don’t be shy and instead say hello to that person. An employer may not remember interns who were introverted during their internship experience, but will most likely recall interns who communicated with other coworkers and showed an interest in the other employees and their professional roles in the company.

3. Ask questions. To make the most of your summer internship, DelVal students need to learn everything they can about the company and business for which they’re interning. By asking questions, you’ll be able to better understand how the organization operates and who performs what roles. You’ll be able to learn how projects are accomplished from start to finish and get a glimpse into the functionality of the company that you can only get from the viewpoint of an intern. 

While some people may think that asking a lot of questions will make you look unintelligent, it’s actually quite the opposite. The more you show your curiosity to an intern supervisor, the more he or she will see your ambition and effort to fully grasp how the business runs, which are both desirable qualities in a new hire. Don’t be afraid to stand out and show your interest.

DelVal students who are looking for a summer internship or an entry-level position can take advantage of the job and internship search resources through Career Services at the DelVal Center for Student Professional Development