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Summer Courses for High School Students


Posted on June 30, 2015 by Delaware Valley University .

Not many high school students know that they have the opportunity to take summer courses at Delaware Valley University. With three summer terms – one 12-week term and two six-week terms – high school juniors and seniors can make the best use of their summer by preparing for their college career. And since DelVal’s summer course credits are easily transferrable, you can take the credits with you, no matter which institution you choose to attend.

DelVal makes it easy for high school students to take summer courses at their campus. Read on to learn how they can benefit you.

What Courses Can I Take?
High school students can enroll in multiple courses across a variety of fields of study, including:

·         Biology

·         Business administration

·         Chemistry

·         Education

·         English

·         Liberal arts

·         Mathematics and physics

These topics cover a wide variety of required general education courses that every student will need to take to fulfill their college graduation requirements. Because college courses are a big change from high school classes, it’s a good idea for high school students taking summer classes at DelVal to enroll in 100-level classes so they can keep up with the course requirements.

Do These Credits Count Toward Graduation?
When you complete a summer course at DelVal, the credits you earn stay with you throughout your college career, no matter what institution you choose to attend.  So when you take a summer course at DelVal during high school, you build up college credits early and get ahead start at satisfying your college graduation requirements. This is beneficial for any high school student because by banking credits early, even before your career as a college student commences, you’ll be able to have a lighter course load during your junior and senior semesters of college.

Besides Accumulating Credits, What Else Will I Gain?
For high school students, taking a summer course at DelVal doesn’t only help you accumulate college credits early, but it also gives you an idea of how college courses are structured and conducted. By dedicating your summer to a college course at DelVal, you’ll be more prepared for your first semester as a freshman in college. 

You’ll understand the layout of a typical syllabus, course expectations, and how much time you’ll have to devote to succeed. Students can learn how to interact with professors, how office hours work, and what to expect from an entry-level class so you’re not surprised during your first year at college.

For high school students, summer courses at DelVal can be extremely valuable. Not only do they provide an opportunity for students to get ahead in their college credit requirements, but they also create a way for incoming college freshman to get a feel for how college is structured, giving you a solid understanding for when you do start your college career. 

If you’re a high school student interested in taking summer courses at DelVal, you can schedule a campus visit to get a feel for the learning environment.