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How to start a Campus Club


Posted on January 9, 2015 by Delaware Valley College.

Do you have a particular interest or passion but there’s no club for it available on your campus? Why don’t you start that club yourself, especially since it will give other students the opportunity to join a club they support and feel strongly about. You’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment and your academic advisors will be glad you took the initiative.

If you want to start a club but don’t know how, below are some tips for accomplishing your goal.

Have an idea for a club.
The most important part of creating a club is having an idea for one. Maybe your idea revolves around something you’ve been interested in for a long time or maybe something that would attract a large group of people. If you can’t think of a particular idea or focus but still want to establish a club, think about your interests and what you like to do most. Often the perfect idea is right in front of people, but they don’t necessarily realize it until they take a step back. 

Make sure the club doesn’t already exist.
It’s crucial to check with the student life office or the clubs and organization page on the website at your school to confirm the club you’ve decided to establish isn’t already available on your campus. It would be a big waste of time if you go through all of these steps only to find out that your friends are already enrolled in a club that you thought was your idea. 

Find out whether people will join.
Clubs don’t need to be large to be successful, but there should be a decent number of people who join for it to be considered a club. Check with your academic advisor or the student life office to find out your campus’ rules regarding clubs.

To find out whether people would be interested in joining your club, you could go around your residence hall and ask people their opinions and whether they would attend. Or you could hang flyers around the residence halls and classroom buildings asking people to sign if they would be interested in participating in your club. Another great way to get student feedback is posting on your college’s social media page or sending out a mass email. Use this feedback to determine whether starting your club is a good idea. 

Determine the specifics of the club.
What will go on with this club? Are students of every class allowed or is it only for juniors and seniors? Is there a place for your club to meet? If you’re meeting on campus, you’ll probably need to get an area approved and make sure it’s available when you want to meet. You also will have to establish a meeting time. Figure out whether there’s any equipment you’ll need to distribute to club members and how you can get this equipment.

Contact someone involved with the student life office at your college or ask your academic advisor for direction when trying to start a campus club. The staff will do all they can to support your efforts.