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My favorite spot on campus: The Writing Center


Posted on January 14, 2015 by David Clement '15.

Courtesy: David Clement '15 The DelVal Writing Center.

Delaware Valley University has an expansive campus that combines the best of the natural world and modern structures. A campus that is made to be eco-friendly and forward-thinking; yet is respectful to the past generations, thanks to a socially conscious community. It’s difficult to select a favorite acre of DelVal’s campus, let alone a single favorite place.

After a long time thinking about campus, I decided my favorite spot on campus is our Writing Center, in Miller Hall. It’s a place for guidance on creative endeavors as well as academic projects. It’s where you can hone your writing skills with the help of the in-house wordsmiths of DelVal.

I cannot tell you how many times I have gone there for direction on my writing assignments. The Writing Center tutors help me to organize my thoughts on paper, provide a second opinion on my work, and even check my grammar and spelling. No matter what I need, the tutors at The Writing Center are willing to spend their time with me and the many other students of DelVal to help us write great papers.

As a writer, I’m very self-conscious and insecure in my abilities, which makes it very hard for me to ask for help when I need it. I get anxious about showing someone else my writing because it is such a personal effort--I don’t want to be belittled or mocked because of what I have on paper. However, when I show my work to any of the tutors in The Writing Center I am treated with respect and understanding. The tutors want their place of work to be a welcoming and inclusive environment, a safe space for all who seek help. Thanks to the staff of The Writing Center, my writing has improved and my overall self-esteem has been boosted.             

No matter the subject or class, the tutors are ready to help anyone looking for support. It does not matter if the work is an essay about invasive species, or a creative biographical piece, or a script for a play, these tutors will help their fellow DelVal students to succeed.

A special place is only as great as the people who inhabit it. The Writing Center in Miller Hall is special because of the tutoring staff members who are its heart and soul.            

Courtesy: David Clement '15 Stephanie DelVento '16