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Let’s go to Brisbane!


Posted on September 22, 2015 by Thomas Rossman ’17, a conservation and wildlife management major.

Courtesy: Thomas Rossman ’17 Thomas Rossman ’17 is a conservation and wildlife management major at DelVal. He is blogging about his semester studying abroad in Australia.

Since I’m in the Southern Hemisphere, we’re kicking off spring with a bang! The weather is warming up, the reptiles have been making appearances every day and some new flora has emerged. Granted, the winter felt like spring to me, but the weather is moving more toward the summer I’m familiar with. 

To start off spring, I recently attended my first sporting event: Australian football. My belief was that football here was soccer, but boy was I wrong! Australian football, or footy, is a mix of rugby, American football and basketball. The field is a giant circle and, because of this, the stadium felt almost like a modern-day Coliseum. And based on how the players played, I would have thought I was watching gladiators. The rules are rather complicated to explain in a brief post, but it’s definitely worth taking the time to learn about them if you’re interested.

My experience at the game was amazing! Since I’m over 18, I was allowed to grab a beer while watching the event. The popular snack choice was a meat pie, although you could still get a hot dog if you wished.

The stadium was full of people cheering on either the Brisbane Lions or the Western Bulldogs. This was the last game before finals started. The Lions hadn’t been doing well all season, and regardless of whether they won or lost this game, they wouldn’t have advanced.

The Bulldogs, or Doggies as the fans called them, were excellent and advancing to the finals. This was just a game to wrap up the season, and the audience knew that the Doggies were going to smash the Lions—or so they thought.

An Australian football game is split into 30-minute quarters. During the first half, the Bulldogs had the lead, but the Lions were never far behind. The last quarter is where the teams brought the heat. With just 10 minutes left in the game, the Lions had taken the lead, but only by two points, which wasn’t hard to top. The Bulldogs went for a goal, but the Lions stepped up their defense and denied it.

Eventually, the timer ticked to zero and the score was 127 to 122—the Lions had won! The stadium erupted into a celebration. The Lions’ team song came on, and the audience sang along with it. It was an amazing feat!

Although the Lions are viewed as a bad team and didn’t make it to the finals this year, they’re now the AFL team I will root for, as watching this game left me with a great memory!

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