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Do one thing better: be a connector


Posted on July 15, 2014 by Deanna Parkton, Coordinator of Experiential Learning.

Courtesy: Delaware Valley College Deanna Parkton

Have you ever been to a social gathering, standing idly by while your friend chatted with someone else, waiting for them to introduce you?  Has a peer told you about an event they were attending and encouraged you to attend? When we are either left out of a conversation or brought into a conversation, it tends to have a huge impact on us.  There has probably been a time that someone helped you connect with another person or with an opportunity.  This person was acting as a connector. 

Being the type of person that connects others not only helps those around you, it makes you feel good.  Dr. Barbara Fredrickson, author of the book "Positivity" says that “by creating chains of events that carry positive meaning for others, positive emotions can trigger upward spirals that transform communities into more cohesive, moral and harmonious social organizations.” 

Being a connector can have a positive impact not only on yourself, but in your community, whether it be at DelVal, at work or at an internship, in the classroom or in an organization.

Think about how you can act as a connector for your friends and peers.  It can be as simple as introducing two people to one another, inviting a classmate to an event, or sharing a great opportunity that would be a perfect fit for someone you know. 

Next time you are at an event, whether it is a DelVal event or another, step outside your comfort zone.  Take the initiative to introduce yourself and then introduce your new friend to someone else.  Be a connector and start a positive chain of events. You just never know where that chain could take you.