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A Look into Delaware Valley’s Off-Campus Residence


Posted on August 13, 2015 by Delaware Valley University.

At Delaware Valley University, post-secondary students have the option to live off campus rather than in a residence hall. This experience has proven to be a rewarding one for students as they learn how to maintain a house, live in a residential setting, and prepare for life after graduation. 

DelVal is here to give you a glimpse into what the University’s off-campus housing is like and help you understand the process of finding a residence. Continue reading to learn about DelVal’s off-campus housing and Places4Students.

DelVal Off-Campus Housing
After two years living in a residence hall, many DelVal students decide that they want to live off campus in a house or apartment. Part of this decision is due to a desire for a more mature living situation but also because it’s easy for our students to secure a great, safe location close to campus. 

No matter what type of off-campus living situation you’re looking for, there’s a place for you. With tons of available properties and listings, students who are looking for a one-bedroom apartment can be just as easily accommodated as a group of four students who want to live together in a house. Even if you’re looking to sublet a room for a short period of time or make your room available for a sublet, you’ll be able to do so through DelVal’s off-campus housing. This is all possible thanks to
A partner with DelVal, provides a platform where DelVal students can find their next home. makes it easier for students by not requiring registration to search various listings. You’ll also be able to benefit from the competitive rates at which lists their properties. You’ll find that landlords will list properties on for less than most other means of advertising. This makes searching for your off-campus residence at DelVal through the best option for students on a budget.

Find a Roommate also makes it easy for DelVal students to find a roommate. Whether you’re looking for an open room or you need to fill a room, posts profiles of students who are looking for a place to live off-campus at DelVal. This makes it much easier to find a living situation that works for you or find a roommate that you think you would be compatible with.

Living off campus is a great experience for DelVal students. It’s a growing experience than can be fun and exciting for a lot of juniors and seniors. You’ll be a more independent student but will need to learn the responsibilities that come along with living off campus—both extremely beneficial qualities post-graduation. And thanks to DelVal’s partnership with, living off campus at DelVal is now easier than ever.

To learn more about the off-campus housing opportunities at DelVal, you can schedule a campus visit to see the DelVal and have all of your housing questions answered by a knowledgeable guide.