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What Can DelVal’s Technology Support Help You With?


Posted on August 24, 2015 by Delaware Valley University.

The majority of college students heavily depend on technology for both schoolwork and social activities. But technology issues always seem to arise at the worst times, and if you need to use a computer or connect to the network, you’ll need help from technology experts to ensure that you have the access you need. So where can students find these resources at Delaware Valley University?

DelVal provides exceptional technology support. Students at DelVal need to know about the technology services department so they can have any issues they’re experiencing fixed in a timely fashion. Continue reading to learn what DelVal’s technology support can help you with. 

Basic Computer Issues
Students at DelVal have the opportunity to bring their laptops to technology support to have any issues looked at and solved, if possible, by a tech-savvy individual. While the technology services department can’t fix issues with the hardware on a student’s computer, there’s still a wide range of issues that they can fix. 

Whether you have a frozen screen, a computer that’s running slower than usual, or your machine continues to restart, don’t panic and bring your computer to the technology services department at DelVal. 

Network and Wireless Access
To receive wireless Internet access on the DelVal campus, students will need to connect to the network. With all of the students on campus connecting to the same network, there are bound to be some issues with connectivity. Usually, they’re the result of incorrect attempts to connect. 

If you find that you’re having trouble trying to connect to the campus wireless and accessing DelVal’s network, you can seek assistance from technology services to help establish an Internet connection.

Hardware and Software Support for Computers in Lounges and Common Areas
Many of the classrooms, residence halls and lounges are equipped with DelVal computers that are available for public use. These provide convenient outlets for computer access and connection to the DelVal network. But if these computers are malfunctioning, it defeats the entire convenience purpose. 

If you’re on one of DelVal’s public computers and having trouble with the network, software or hardware or your computer isn’t connecting to one of the printers in these computer lounges, you can contact the professionals at the technology services department.

Technology Services Department Contact Information
Feldman Building, Room 1, Basement
Phone: 215.489.4357
Twitter: @DelValTechHelp
Hours: Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The technology services department is here to provide the students of DelVal with exceptional technology services. Whenever you experience a computer issue and you need it solved in a hurry, you can receive assistance in a timely manner from our department so you can get back to your everyday tasks on campus.

The Technology Services department is one of many beneficial aspects of DelVal. You can plan a campus visit today to see what else DelVal has to offer.