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What is DelVal’s Precarious Alliance


Posted on September 17, 2015 by Delaware Valley University .

Delaware Valley University always strives to provide comprehensive growth for our students both inside and outside our classrooms. While the core curriculum is instrumental to students’ overall learning, DelVal also provides opportunities to focus on some of the most important issues of our time. By merging traditional academic standards with real world, hands-on education, DelVal can not only make you a better student, but also a more informed individual, and our Precarious Alliance does just that. 

The Precarious Alliance at DelVal was formed to provide students and the surrounding DelVal community with a forum dedicated to spreading awareness and education about our environment. You can read on for a more specific definition of the Precarious Alliance, learn about the upcoming events and discover how it can enrich your academic experience.

What Is the Precarious Alliance?
The Precarious Alliance at DelVal is a series of symposiums committed to exploring the challenges with sustainability caused by human networks and environmental degradation. By looking at economic instability and social inequalities in local communities as well as the global outlook, our students can better understand the state of the world we live in today. 

Established by current DelVal President Dr. Joseph S. Brosnan in 2010, the Precarious Alliance has sparked dialogue, new ways of thinking and practical solutions from symposium attendees. In the past, the Precarious Alliance has educated our community on topics such as land, water and energy through the help of various experts. Joined by politicians, scholars, environmentalists and business leaders, all sides of the issues being focused on were brought to light to create an engaging learning platform. 

2015 Precarious Alliance Symposium: ‘Land and the American Dream’
From October 14 to 16, DelVal will feature the 2015 installment to the history of Precarious Alliance symposiums: “Land and the American Dream.” This year’s symposium will focus on the economic success and personal happiness created by land, creating the founding principles of the American Dream. 

However, through centuries of expansion, the idea of endless land has diminished and the American Dream ideology has taken a toll on our country’s pristine wildlife, indigenous people and finite resources. 

Speaking on the competing economic, social and environment concerns and trying to explore productive solutions for a more sustainable American Dream, the symposium will feature guests such as:

·         Scholars and scientists

·         Business leaders and conservationists

·         Policymakers and environmental advocates

·         Land use planners and farmers

·         Social justice activists

The 2015 Precarious Alliance is a can’t-miss event for DelVal students, and you can register for the Precarious Alliance and reserve your tickets today.

The Precarious Alliance is just one of the many features of DelVal that prompts our students to think outside the classroom and focus on the greater scheme of where we are in the world and time. 

If you want to learn more about DelVal’s approach to a fulfilling education, you can schedule a campus visit.