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Bike Trails near Doylestown, PA


Posted on September 4, 2015 by Delaware Valley University.

Do you want to stay active this school year? Do you need some great social activities for the weekend when you want to take a break from the Delaware Valley University campus? Lucky for DelVal students, the campus is next to scenic Doylestown, where there’s an abundance of great ideas for a fun day out.

One of the best ways to stay active and have a great day at the same time is to hop on a bike and go for a ride with some friends. DelVal students have some fantastic options right around the corner from them. Continue reading to learn where you can find the best biking trails in Doylestown, PA. 

202 Parkway Trail
Running 9 miles through Montgomery, Warrington and Doylestown, the 202 Parkway Bike Trail is a fenced-off asphalt pathway. Beginning at the Route 202 and Route 611 interchange in Doylestown and ending at Route 202 and Route 63/Welsh Road in Montgomeryville, the 12-foot-wide trail has multiple access points for a great ride, letting you choose how far you want to ride. But you and your fellow trail mates will want to keep riding as you pass through the farmlands and rural, wooded areas throughout the three towns.

Peace Valley Park Hike and Bike Trail
Ride along the shores of Lake Galena in northern Doylestown by following the Peace Valley Park Hike and Bike Trail. The asphalt trail is generally flat, making for a cruising 4.1-mile ride that will take you through woods and meadows and around the lake. 

Beginning at North Chapman Road and continuing to Creek Road, you can plan your entire day around the trail thanks to number of recreational activities available as you ride. Park your bikes for a fishing, boating, picnic or bird watching break on the scenic trail. 

Warrington Township Multi-Use Trail
While the trail is still being completed, the first 2-mile phase of the Warrington Township Multi-Use Trail is complete. Named Lower Nike Park, the trail head isn’t far from the DelVal campus, providing a great escape for students on the weekend. The asphalt and dirt trail brings bikers to the Bradford Dam in Warrington. 

When finished, the Warrington Township Multi-Use Trail should pass through Doylestown, Warminster, Chalfont, Warwick, Horsham and Montgomery County for an expansive ride through almost all of Bucks County. But for the time being, you can start the 2-mile ride at the intersection of Bradford Road and Folley Road at Igoe Porter Wellings Park.

The fall season beckons DelVal students to get outside and experience the area of Doylestown that surrounds them. And what better way to do it than on the seat of a bike? When you have some downtime on the weekends, get your friends together and hit one of the many bike trails in Doylestown for a calm, pleasing weekend activity.

If you’re interested in learning more about DelVal and the surrounding Doylestown area, you can schedule a campus visit