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The Best Secret Study Spots on the DelVal Campus


Posted on September 15, 2015 by Delaware Valley University.

With end-of-semester exams quickly approaching, Delaware Valley University students who plan their study schedules ahead of time will be in much better shape and more prepared. However, finding the right study spot to prepare is of the utmost importance. But with the computer lounges filled, residence halls noisy and general distractions all around the quad, do you know where you can get the most efficient studying done at DelVal?

We asked our current students about their thoughts, and now we’re here to provide you with the best secret study spots on the DelVal campus. Read on to learn more.

Joseph Krauskoph Memorial Library
Built in 1924, the historic Joseph Krauskoph Memorial Library serves as a great study spot for all of our DelVal students. However, if you’re looking for your own personal study sanctuary, the old basement of the library is where you can find the privacy and quiet you need. This secret spot blocks out all of the upstairs noise and is optimal for reading, finishing a paper or focusing on your study notes in preparation for a test or exam. 

Ida M. Block Chapel
The Ida M. Block Chapel, built in 1899, was one of the first buildings erected on campus. Located between the Feldman Science Center and the Mandell Science Building, the Ida M. Block Chapel is somewhat hidden from all of the hustle and bustle on campus, making it a great spot for concentrating on school work. Students find it to be especially quiet and great for studying, working on a paper or completing an assignment during the evening, and it serves as a peaceful escape from the crowded residence halls.

Commuters Lounge
Located on the second floor of the Student Center, the Commuters Lounge acts as a spot for commuter students to relax but tends to open up later in the evening. Students can escape to the second floor of the Student Center for some studying, as many DelVal students claim that it’s usually close to empty, making it free of distractions. Any student who really needs to focus can take advantage of this underutilized space. 

With these secret study spots, DelVal students can get away from the distractions of friends and campus life and settle down for some productivity. Finding these spots and utilizing them will help students focus and better plan their study schedules. Whether you choose to share these secret study spots with your friends is your choice.

If you’re interested in what collegiate life is like at DelVal and to see where these secret study spots are, you can schedule a campus tour to experience it for yourself.