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A Guide to Biking in Doylestown


Posted on August 18, 2015 by Delaware Valley University .

Delaware Valley University is conveniently located in the heart of Doylestown, Pennsylvania, giving students convenient access to all that the borough has to offer. 

One of the most efficient ways of traveling around campus and Doylestown borough is via bicycle. You’ll save money on gas, travel on your own time, and enjoy the beautiful views with the wind flowing through your hair. However, to fully enjoy biking in Doylestown, DelVal students need to know how to bike properly.

To ensure the safety of our students and create a beneficial ride each time you hop on the seat, read on for DelVal’s guide to biking in Doylestown.

Safety First
Sure you may looker cooler with no helmet, but there’s nothing cool about hitting a pothole, flipping over your handlebars and landing in the hospital with a concussion. Strap on a helmet if you plan on taking a bike trip that’s more than a five-minute ride. 

You should always check your bike for flat tires and gear malfunctions before heading out into Doylestown borough. Make sure that your brakes are working properly, and always bring a lock for when you step off your bike.

Know How to Ride on the Road
When you’re biking on the road, you have the same road rights as a small motor vehicle, which also means that you should act as if you’re driving a car. Obey the local traffic signs, stoplight signals and right of ways. 

Use lights on the front and back of your bike if you’re riding at dusk or dawn, and use hand signals to let other vehicles on the road know your intended path. 

Keep a straight line, keep looking over your shoulder to stay aware, and leave plenty of space between you and the vehicle in front of you to make for safe bike riding every time.

Have Fun!
Biking in Doylestown is a blast for DelVal students, and the most important part of our biking guide is to have fun. Try one of the many biking trails that the Doylestown community has to offer. 

The Peace Valley Bike Trail is one of the more popular trails in the area, as it covers more than six miles of trails on the shores of Lake Galena north of Doylestown. It’s peaceful ride through the natural area of Doylestown and is a great study break for the students of DelVal. 

Biking is a great activity and a way for students to get around at DelVal and throughout the Doylestown borough. But to stay safe on the road and have a great time, abide by the DelVal guide to biking in Doylestown. And if you’re looking for a fun weekend activity, you and your friends can take a ride on the Peace Valley Bike Trail.

You can learn more about the Doylestown community and DelVal by scheduling a campus visit today. Our guides will answer any questions you have and give you an inside look into the university.