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3 Things Alumni-hood Offers (that you can’t get anywhere else)


Posted on July 2, 2014 by Lynn Carroll, director of alumni engagement.

Courtesy: Delaware Valley College The Class of 1944 marked 70 years at Commencement.

Dear recent graduate,

Alumni-hood is special, and now that you’ve graduated, I’m sure you’re thinking of nothing else but all the perks that come with being an alum. No?

Well, that’s understandable, but I’d like to talk about some of the benefits that came with that diploma.

  1. A place to call home that will always be here. Someday Feldman Hall will be a relic, the new Life Sciences Building will look well-used, and a few buildings may even be gone (cough, Ulman! cough), but DelVal will always be here, and you will always be welcome, anytime. It feels great to know you always have a home.
  2. A professional network. Before you even graduate, a vibrant community of fellow Aggies anxiously awaited the opportunity to help you. They want to buy you coffee, give you a fistful of business cards, and put in a good word for you with a prospective employer. Tap into them via LinkedIn, so you can comb through DelVal’s networking group of more than 1,000 members to find alumni who can offer a helping hand, or through the DelVal Career Network online. That feels great, too.
  3. A support group. You have already leaned on your college friends to help you through exam stress, love life drama or job frustrations. That was huge, but it was only the beginning. These friends will see you through even rougher spots. They’ll celebrate each new (better-paying) job, give sound advice when you become a parent, and come to the memorial service when you lose your own parents. It may seem like a long way off, but they’ll even be there when you become a grandparent, and they will never mind seeing the photos… or holographic videos, or whatever is invented by then to share images of cute babies.

And when you’ve lived a rich life full of awesomeness and heartache and contentment… When you come back to campus in the year 2084 for your 70th reunion, like Dick and Irving of the Class of ’44 did at this year’s Commencement… Can you see all the youngsters who are sitting in folding chairs, those wide-eyed kids wondering what’s ahead for them? They will give you a well-deserved ovation.

It will feel so great.