From small beginnings come great things.

At the outset, you could count the number of faculty on one hand. The student population wasn’t much larger. Land was plentiful, but the buildings were few.

A humble start, indeed. This foundation, however, was steadily built upon by our founder, Dr. Joseph Krauskopf, a man of deep intelligence who possessed an unmatched love of learning and a spirited commitment to the human cause. He was the springboard for a vision and a reality that ultimately would take Delaware Valley College boldly into the 21st century.

Now, more than ever, the College is poised to achieve and exceed its greatest expectations. It does so with help from the past. As it builds, it builds on the sacrifices and struggles of leaders who never wavered in their educational quests. By moving forward and preparing for its largest role ever in academia, it honors its rich history. It advances, grateful that an enormous amount of work has already been done.

From a school to a junior college to the accredited, four-year institution we are today, the journey that began in 1896 continues.

Delaware Valley College, a place of green pastures and inspiring vistas, is about to become a university.

The change will lead to expansion and enrichment of our academic programs. Heightened attention will follow. Distinction and respect will grow. When the new status comes, it will be the product of a complex formula that includes:

  • Hard work
  • Dedication and desire
  • An unshakable focus on academics
  • A unified mission
  • A single learning community with a single purpose

Much thought and planning has already gone into the transformational process. Through study and investigation, dialogue and discussion, consultation and committee work, it was decided the University would have four pillars of learning. Three of those will be the undergraduate schools of:

  • Agriculture and Environmental Sciences
  • Business and Humanities
  • Life and Physical Sciences

The fourth pillar is the School of Graduate and Professional Studies. It will spawn new partnerships with business, more research and experimentation, more out-of-class learning and a larger selection of advanced degrees, including a doctoral program and master’s degrees in policy studies and counseling psychology, with more coming later.

Timing is critical. Waiting is not an option.

To meet the changing demands of the marketplace and to stay competitive, DelVal must transform and become more than it has been. With fewer college-bound students coming out of high school, it must find a new magnetism that will attract these students. It must offer a total package that stands out among the competition. With the effects of the Great Recession still lingering, DelVal will need to hold down tuition while providing students with strong financial aid packages. Once students arrive, they must be met not only with superior academic offerings but also with a welcoming campus, comfortable residence halls, modern classrooms, state of the art equipment and labs, enviable sports and recreational facilities, and a full slate of events and activities to engage them in their off time.

In such an environment, students get involved, thrive, graduate and become successful alumni.

The campaign to Realize the Vision builds on the significant advancements of the past few years. These were years when the endowment and the annual fund doubled; when applications increased and enrollment goals were consistently met or exceeded; when academic programs were added, campus improvements were made and DelVal climbed in the national college rankings.

The campaign will sustain this momentum and ensure that the strategic plan is funded and fully executed.

The historic past will always be a fond memory for our most senior alumni, and a fond reflection on tradition for those who are not so senior. The University will serve in the same way but in a different time. It is the new embodiment of hope, promise and accomplishment.

It is a vision that, once realized, will bring pride to all who have ever been associated with Delaware Valley College.