Student Life / Athletics $3.25 Million

Athletics/Recreation $3 Million

Since the days of the ancient Greeks, athletics has been viewed as a tool to promote character and learning. The axiom “healthy body, healthy mind” remains true. From its earliest days, Delaware Valley College has recognized that connection and today has a proud heritage in Division III athletics. It is a vital part of our student experience, and our student athletes are major contributors to the life of the College.  Almost 40 percent participate in intercollegiate athletics.  Support for this program will enable us to enhance and potentially expand our programs, upgrade aging or substandard facilities, and provide new equipment and possibly new venues for competition.

It is unfortunate, but DelVal’s athletic facilities have consistently ranked at the bottom of the Division III schools in our conference.

Our goal is to raise $2.5 million for a new multi-sport complex. There will be a playing field with lights and synthetic turf to be used for football, field hockey, soccer and intramurals. A second synthetic turf field will be built with a much-needed track. In addition, there will $500,000 for general operations, such as travel, training and program support.

Funding in this area will help to attract more student athletes and allow DelVal to be more competitive.

Student Leadership $250,000

As DelVal begins to set new standards for small,  independent, teaching universities, it will further develop its mission to give students the knowledge and experience to solve world problems. Students hoping to change the world have a better chance of doing so when they have been trained as leaders. With support from the campaign, DelVal will provide that training through seminars, retreats, a speakers program, shadowing and other methods that build character, courage and an understanding of how to mobilize a team for action.

An endowment will be established to set up and run a leadership center. The academy will seek to develop every aspect of a leader and will address cultural and lifestyle topics such as diversity and inclusion, and also wellness issues such as substance abuse, nutrition, health and fitness.