Scholarships $4 Million   

Endowed Scholarships

For a student, the goal of achieving a degree begins with the financial realities of being able to afford independent higher education.  While our financial aid packages are significant, the need for students to bridge the gap between family contribution and institutional aid is significant in most cases.  Endowed scholarships, beginning at $50,000, provide access for students to achieve their dreams, while providing an enduring legacy for the donor. Full scholarships of $1million provide in perpetuity for all costs for one student in need, including tuition, room and board.

In the coming environment for higher education, demographic changes related to the “baby bust” will result in fewer students studying at colleges and universities. By the law of supply and demand, it will become harder to attract the students from this smaller population. Since financial aid often is the deciding factor in choosing a college, a well-endowed scholarship program is essential if a school is to stay competitive. DelVal’s vision seeks to put the best students in the best learning environment, and scholarships are a tool to do that. At the moment, DelVal is not equipped to fill the growing gap between the cost of college and what students and their families can afford to pay. This is why the campaign comes at such a critical time in DelVal’s history, and why student scholarships are such a critical part of the campaign.

In addition to traditional scholarships, DelVal is seeking to apply campaign resources to an Emergency Financial Aid Initiative. This would be used by current students whose families face an unexpected economic hardship, like the loss of a job or a business failure.  It will enable these students to complete their degrees without disruption.

Making education affordable is a mission that dates back to Rabbi Krauskopf. It is not one the College intends to abandon.