Life Sciences Building $7 million

Faculty and students need the right environment in which to pursue excellence.  The Life Sciences Building gives the institution a state-of-the-art, signature academic building with modern classrooms and laboratory facilities that will foster student-faculty collaboration. The building will promote interdisciplinary studies and house programs such as plant and biological sciences, physical sciences, and other sciences that probe the workings of life.  With a beautiful atrium serving as a premier event space, it will have both a social and academic function. In addition, a 450-seat auditorium will provide space for large lectures, student activities programming, interdisciplinary symposia and a performance venue for both the College and the community.

Among the key naming opportunities are:
Building $5 million
Auditorium $1 million
Lab suite $500,000
Classrooms $250,000 (7)
Conference room $250,000
Seminar room $250,000
Labs $250,000 (4)