Endowment $10 Million

One indicator of financial strength for any institution of higher education is a strong endowment.  While the College has always had its loyal benefactors, it never reached the level of security taken for granted by many well-endowed institutions. Even when compared to regional colleges of like size, our endowment is small, only a fraction of what it should be.

Other School Endowments
Institution Endowment
Lycoming College $140,000,000
Muhlenberg College $140,000,000
Ursinus College $100,000,000
Delaware Valley College $34,000,000

Over the decades, this has handicapped the College’s ability to construct new buildings, start new programs and properly maintain facilities. In effect, it has been prevented from giving students what they deserve. At a time when families need DelVal to keep tuition low and financial aid high, a robust endowment is critical to the future of any institution.

In higher education, the endowment is viewed as an indicator of over all quality of faculty, students and facilities.

For long-term financial stability and to be worthy of credit for large-scale projects, a college should have an endowment that is two or three times the size of its operating budget. With an operating budget of about $50 million, DelVal has considerable work to do, but the campaign and its goal for endowment is a measure of our desire to see this done.