Campus Expansion $15 Million

That sublime mixture of green campus and picturesque buildings is the goal of every college and university. DelVal can say with confidence that its main campus is verdant and beautiful. With the addition of the nearly 400-acre Gemmill farm in Warwick Township, that beauty has been extended to over 1,000 acres.

The gift of the Gemmill property by the Warwick Foundation has met the need for a living laboratory, for expanded opportunities in experiential learning and for extra classroom, office and meeting space.

The expansion, part of a larger transformational gift of $30 million, serves both the present and the future of Delaware Valley College. It is utilitarian, but it also doubles as a valuable investment that will appreciate over time and keep the College on a sound financial footing.

Students want the best from their college, and when the campus and its extensions meet their expectations, they feel a sense of pride. The Gemmill campus brings great pride to DelVal. It lets students know the administration cares about the environment in which they live and study.