The DelVal vision is bold and complex. It is multi-faceted and requires intense work that is woven and linked to strong support. The campaign we call Realizing the Vision carries a goal of $50 million. It is the supporting arm of the strategic plan. It is the critical ingredient to transforming the College. Only through it will DelVal graduates secure their deserved legacy.

There are seven funding elements to the campaign:

Funding Elements
Academic Excellence and University Status $8 million
Life Sciences Building $7 million
Scholarships $4 million
Endowment $10 million
Student Life / Athletics $3.25 million
Campus Enhancement $15 million
Annual Giving $2.75 million

Each area of funding is a necessary element of the student experience. The campaign, in essence, is a holistic approach to the needs of students. It provides them with a superior academic environment, comfortable and aesthetic surroundings, a vibrant cultural atmosphere, good sports programs and facilities, state-of-the art technology, student aid, and a strong economic footing on which their college can operate.