Dear DelVal Supporters,

I’m a businessman, entrepreneur and a community activist living in Bucks County. Delaware Valley College is a place I once drove by. Now I drive in.

The College began to capture my interest and attention after coming under the leadership of Dr. Joseph Brosnan. When the $30 million Warwick Foundation gift was announced in 2010, when I learned of the bold path laid out in a comprehensive strategic plan, and when I saw physical changes to the campus, it became clear that this institution was on the move; that a once tiny farm school would finally gain the scale and importance it deserved.

Shortly after, I joined the President’s Advisory Council and later was elected to the board of trustees. I am now one of DelVal’s biggest advocates and supporters.

From prior work with charities and non-profit organizations, I am very aware that beneficial projects require a joint effort and a group passion. Realizing the Vision of Delaware Valley College falls into this category. That is why I, who never attended DelVal, agreed to serve as chair of a critical campaign to raise more than $50 million.

The campaign is advancing the cause of a college that one day soon will be a university. It will enable something good and worthwhile to rise, gain greater significance and have a larger positive effect on the lives of its students and those in the surrounding community.

The momentum has been established. Now we need to sustain it. The faculty, staff, students, alumni, friends and supporters of Delaware Valley College are of one mind and heart when it comes to moving the College forward. The time has come to focus that unity on specific needs so the well-charted vision can indeed be realized.

There is a role and a purpose for everyone in the existing DelVal family, and for newcomers as well. The materials on these web pages will describe our funding priorities and show you the areas in which you can get involved.

Please join me and hundreds of others as we build on a wonderful institution set on taking a new and more important place in higher education; one where students, through close instruction and attention, are filled with a love of lifelong learning and given the knowledge and experience to tackle the most important issues of our time.


Michael Moss
Campaign Chair