Dear Alumni and Friends,

I have been a college administrator since 1969, and what’s occurring at Delaware Valley College is by far the most exciting, the most invigorating and the most ambitious of any endeavor I have ever been involved with.

When our vision is realized, the lives of students will have been enhanced through multiple channels and in multiple ways; our faculty and staff will have been placed in an environment of quality unmatched in the school’s history; and members of the surrounding community will have more ways and more reasons to interact with a college that once kept to itself.

The world, too, will know something has changed, because it will have been made better by the hundreds of students who depart here each year.

Yes, something of great import is happening. The vision mapped out several years ago by stakeholders of the entire college community is being realized. The opportunity now is to manage it, to direct it, to focus it and to keep its lifeblood flowing.

The campaign information on these web pages is one way for us to share our vision with you. I ask that you kindly find time to review the material here to see where you fit in; to see where you can assist in a transformation that is bringing a sense of worth and accomplishment to all participants.

So please, realize the opportunity, the possibilities, the potential. Do all this and more by being there when a small, independent, teaching college Realizes the Vision.

It will be an unforgettable journey.


Joseph S. Brosnan

Joseph S. Brosnan