Thank you for your interest in volunteering for DelVal's Flower Show exhibit!

  • Volunteers who construct, host and maintain the exhibit will receive free show passes and name tags--a $32 value!
  • Construction volunteers (Feb. 24-28) are asked to meet at DelVal to help load materials; transportation to and from campus is provided for those volunteers, but a full-day commitment is required.
  • Construction volunteers are asked to bring their own tools if possible: hammer, pliers, Phillips screwdriver, tool belt, tape measure, etc.
  • Dress during the show (March 1-9) is business casual. Travel to the show lightly, as there is very minimal storage for personal items.
  • If you sign up, we're counting on you!  Do not sign up for a time at the show unless you are certain you will be there.  If you sign up and cannot participate due to an unforeseen emergency, you are expected to find a replacement.
  • Signing up for 2 back-to-back shifts would be very helpful. It is important that you remain at the exhibit until your relief arrives.
  • We recommend that you take public transit to the Flower Show location at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. A SEPTA rail station is located at the College’s main parking lot. 
  • No parking permits are available, and train fare cannot be reimbursed. If you drive, you will be responsible for your own parking.
  • During your shift, please make sure the pathway in the exhibit, and the exhibit itself, is clear of all debris. All brochure holders must be kept full. DO NOT WATER THE EXHIBIT.
  • Report any plant problems, or other problems, immediately. 

Because this opportunity requires special knowledge of DelVal, it is open to alumni, faculty, staff, and students only; spots are limited, and we may ask volunteers to select a different time if the shift they chose is full.

If you would like to volunteer, register online!

To learn more about the Flower Show, visit their web site at Thank you for helping DelVal's students and faculty showcase our creativity and talent at the Flower Show!