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By Aimee Wilson ‘03

In Part 1 of Passing the Torch: Changing the Presidency of DelVal’s Alumni Association, we introduced our outgoing Alumni Association President, Peter Duane ’72 and incoming Alumni Association President, Melissa Roseman ’08 MBA ’10.  If you have not read that feature, find Part 1 here.

Peter Duane '72 In part 2, we learn the history of Peter and Melissa’s DelVal involvement as students and alumni.  We gain insight into how these committed Aggies decided to serve as Alumni Association President and the vision and accomplishments that accompany their respective tenures. 

Let’s begin with Melissa.  By the end of her senior year, Melissa was an Executive board member of 4 organizations as well as held membership in 3 others, including Sigma Alpha National Sorority. As an alumni, Melissa’s goal was staying connected to students and alumni in the DVU network. She now serves as a mentor in the ASPIRE program and a member of 2 Alumni Executive Committee (AEC) subcommittees – Undergraduate Liaison and Homecoming committees, prior to her Presidency. According to Melissa, she loves sport and whenever work does not interfere with play, “I love to cheer on our Aggies Football and Basketball teams!”

Elected to the AEC in 1994, Peter has been a member of several AEC subcommittees including the Homecoming, Budget & Finance, to name a few. He has been a member of the Alumni and Community Relations subcommittee of the DelVal Strategic Planning group, participated in the Meet-and-Greet selection process for Dr. Brosnan’s Presidential Candidacy for DelVal, and he and his wife, Sally are loyal donors attaining 5-time membership in the 1896 Society.

Peter was motivated to serve as Alumni Association President to first share his talents as an organized, people person, who is also an effective communicator.  Through his participation with the Strategic Plan group, Peter saw the direction of DelVal and where she was headed. He wanted to participate and be a valued stakeholders in that journey.  He knew it would be an exciting time and saw an opportunity to engage more alumni to participate in the AEC and its’ committees. With the positive and optimistic Aggie spirit, he wanted to make a difference.

Speaking of vision, Melissa’s vision for the Alumni Association includes bringing the student world and alumni world together – that is, sharing the students’ DVU experience and wisdom of the alumni community, so that we engage the future DVU graduates (alumni) to become motivated to grow and bond as an alumni community.  Melissa would also like to capitalize on the relationships between the Alumni Executive Committee (AEC) and the faculty and staff.  Lastly, she would like to welcome every “crazy thought”, enthusiasm, passion, love, and drive for success for our Alumni Association and for the greater DVU community.

There are 3 milestones worth noting that occurred during his Alumni Association Presidency that Peter is especially proud about. First, through the efforts of the existing AEC members and the Institutional Advancement team, our AEC is complete with all positions filled.  He said “the enthusiasm and energy of members on the committee is palpable.”  There is a mixture of older and younger alumni that he believes will result in a stronger organization.

Second, the retention of the name “Delaware Valley” was really big to Peter.  Despite the talk about possibly changing the institution's name, a large number of alumni were pleased with the decision to keep “Delaware Valley” in the name. Third, the transition to university status was a great achievement.  All the members of the DelVal community and stakeholders who worked so hard to see the process through to its completion deserve our appreciation and gratitude. He was particularly proud of how the Alumni Association came together and supported the activities of Founder’s Day on April 8, 2015 along with the commemoration of the transition to Delaware Valley University.

As Peter remains involved with the alumni in a less visible way, he expressed a heartfelt thanks to so many who assisted in any way to the achievements of the Alumni Association during his tenure as our President. He passes the torch with confidence that more milestones will occur in the Alumni Association and in our greater DelVal community.

As always, we welcome participation from fellow alumni as our association continues to grow along with Delaware Valley University. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter – @delval_alumassn. Let us know you’re an Aggie and we’ll definitely follow you back.

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