International students generally fall into 2 categories:

  • U.S citizens or permanent residents
  • Those who are citizens of another country and do not have permanent resident status

U.S.A Federal Financial Aid is not available to (non U.S.A. CITIZENS) citizens of another country.  Of course, U.S.A citizens or permanent residents are considered for Financial Aid as would any student living the U.S.A

Delaware Valley University offers partial MERIT SCHOLARSHIPS to international students based on previous academic performance and the results of the SAT or ACT examination.  International students who have attended High School in the USA for at least one year must take the SAT or ACT examination. A Merit Scholarship will be calculated based on GPA and SAT or ACT results. These awards are granted upon acceptance.

 Currently, all international students who are accepted will be granted a “HERITAGE MERIT AWARD” in the amount of $14,000 per year. There is no application required for Merit Scholarships.