Depositing at Delaware Valley University

 Once a student has received a letter of acceptance a deposit which indicates intent to enroll should be forward to the Office of Admission. The deposit amount is $400.00 (USD) for a student who plans to live on campus and $200.00 (USD) for a student who plans to live off campus.

Certification of Financial Support

 If offered admission, you will be required to submit certification of financial support. International students (who require an F-1 Visa) must provide a completed and notarized affidavit of financial support indicating that they have adequate funds to meet the expenses incurred while staying in the USA. Official bank statements in the name of the sponsor indicated in the Affidavit of Financial Support must be within three months and must contain the exact account balance.

The United States Government requires that all foreign students are financially qualified to enter the United States and enroll at Delaware Valley University.

Please compete the Foreign Student Financial Statement and forward it to the Office of Admissions.