We welcome international students to come to our campus in pursuit of a quality education with a basis of hands-on learning. Listed below are the policies and procedures for international student application.

Application Requirements

International Students are required to submit the following:

  • Delaware Valley College online application. This application is free of charge. To apply online visit www.delval.edu/apply.
  • Official secondary school academic transcripts and official transcripts from all or any colleges and universities attended. All transcripts must be original and translated to English. Also a WES (World Education Service) evaluation for college and university transcripts must be provided. Visit wes.org for more information.
  • Official TOEFL test results (This test is required for students if English is not their native language.)
  • SAT and or ACT test results may also be submitted if available
  • Letters of recommendation are encouraged

Financial Aid

International Students are not eligible to receive federal financial aid, but we provide partial-merit scholarships are awarded based on a student’s previous academic performance in secondary school or college.