Paying for college – one of the most important investments you will make – isn’t easy. At Delaware Valley University, financial aid for our students is a priority. This year, 97 percent of our students received some form of financial assistance, by way of merit scholarships, need-based grants, work study and loans.

From the academic rigor and diversity in our curriculum to the small classes sizes and tight-knit community of engaged learners and doers, DelVal offers the very best that a private education has to offer. One hundred percent of our students gain hands-on, real-life experience, giving them the tools necessary to effect real change.

But you’ve got to start somewhere, and almost every DelVal student starts with some kind of financial help getting their particular mission started. We’re here to help you make your DelVal dream a reality.

Average costs for new, first-year, full-time, undergraduate students
2016-17 academic year

New student tuition/fees By Semester By Academic Year
Tuition $17,220 $34,440
Commuter Comprehensive Fees* $1,155 $2,310
Commuter Tuition/Fees $18,375 $36,750
Tuition $17,220 $34,440
Resident Comprehensive Fees* $1,155 $2,310
Freshmen Residence Hall** $2,976** $5,952**
Board (Dining Hall 7 Day, $150 Flex) $3,547 $7,094
Resident Tuition/Fees/Room and Board $24,898*** $49,796***

* Comprehensive fees support student activities, campus technology, student facilities improvements and experiential learning activities. They do not include fees for students majoring in equine studies.
** This cost of reflective of Barness, Berkowitz, Cooke, Samuel and Ulman Halls, where most first-year students reside on campus.
*** Does not include books and personal expenses

Rates are subject to change.

Merit Scholarships - 2016-17 Academic Year

For Freshmen

Your Scores (SAT and Cumulative GPA)* Your Award
SAT 1200+ (or equivalent ACT 27)* and GPA 3.5+ $21,000 Presidential Scholarship
SAT 1100+ (or equivalent ACT 24)* and GPA 3.25+ $20,000 Faculty Scholarship
SAT 1000+ (or equivalent ACT 22)* GPA 3.00+
  OR SAT 900+ (or equivalent ACT 19)* GPA 3.25+
$19,000 Trustee Scholarship

Note: If you have a different combination of SAT and GPA scores, we encourage you to contact the admission office to identify the award for which you qualify.

*SAT scores are calculated using the combined critical reading and math sections of the SAT and/or composite score of the ACT. 


For Transfer Students

  Presidential Scholarship Faculty Scholarship Trustees Scholarship Challenge Grant
GPA 3.5 to 4.0 3.0 to 3.49 2.5 to 2.99 2.0 to 2.49
Merit Award $19,500 $18,500 $16,000 $13,000

Students must enroll at Delaware Valley University as a full time undergraduate student to be eligible for the merit scholarships listed above.