Delaware Valley College promises to give our students the knowledge and experience to tackle the most important issues of our time.

For the undergraduate student, we help students tackle global issues – like the environment, energy and food – with an interdisciplinary approach to learning.

For the graduate student and continuing education student, our teaching is practitioner-based, with hands-on, practical subject matter instruction in both traditional and online settings.

At DelVal, a student is a student. We value and individualize the admission process of traditionally aged undergraduate students, first-year and transfers, as well as adult learners wanting to start or complete their degree. Graduate students, those seeking certifications or those wanting to enhance their professional skills and personal discovery receive the same support and services through the admission process as our undergraduate students.

We are building a community of passionate students and faculty committed to something greater than “college.” Although they each have individual thoughts and dreams, members of the DelVal community are all united in how the DelVal experience can help them achieve their goals.

With a DelVal degree, certificate or non-credit course completion, students will not only be able to tackle the most important issues of our time, but the issues most important to them.