Tatiana Tway ’16 chose DelVal for the hands-on-experience, and because she has the personal goal to make a difference in the world.

Coming all the way from Texas, Tway is dual majoring in large animal science and chemistry and hopes to go to graduate or veterinary school after she completes her undergraduate degree.

She was first drawn to the college because of its “beautiful location and small student body,” but also was excited to learn in a hands-on fashion.

Tway said hands-on experience gives students the ability to “hone their skills,” and gives them a better idea of what is in store for the future.

Tway wanted to learn skills that she could directly apply to an internship, and she was soon able to put her knowledge to the test.

She was only at DelVal for a year before she was offered an internship at the Texas Biomedical Research Center.

There, she was able to assist with a project that looked at the efficacy of a vaccination that would be given to newborns, in order to prevent maternal HIV transmission.

When Tway isn’t studying in a lab, she is staying involved on campus in order to make the most of her college experience.

Tway is a resident assistant, chemistry tutor, Rock Climbing Club member, president of Alpha Phi Omega, and is a member of the Farm 3 break crew. She recently was inducted into Delta Tau Alpha, and Order of Omega.

Her biggest goal for the future is to be able to do field work that will help to make a difference in third world countries, whether it is “animal agriculture, the spread of disease, or another pressing issue that remains to be seen.”

“I am most passionate about making a difference,” said Tway. “If I can make even one person’s life better, I know I will have succeeded.”