The Department of Biology offers 5 specializations:

  • Pre-professional: This specialization contains course sequences that prepare students who are interested in going on to veterinary school, medical school,  and other professional programs (optometry, podiatry, dentistry).  It also prepares them for further study in a variety of post-baccalaureate programs.
  • Microbiology/Biotechnology: This specialization concentrates its offerings in the exciting and rapidly expanding field of microbiology and biotechnology.  It prepares students to enter the field upon graduation or go on to graduate school.
  • Zoology/Animal Biology: This specialization focuses on the animal side of the biological world.  Depending upon what electives and specialization electives a student chooses (form our or related departments) , one can tailor the program to prepare for veterinary school or to go into areas such as wildlife conservation and management, animal rehabilitation, government service in parks and recreation departments, and other interesting animal related fields.  Students also are prepared for graduate studies.
  • Ecology/Environmental Biology: This is a program that focuses on the ecological side of biology.  Students have a wide variety of options to select courses within our department and take advantage of courses offered by other departments to construct a program that fits their interests.  Graduates have gone on to work with environmental consulting firms, government agencies, companies that deal with remediation, and a variety of other programs (education, sales of science related equipment and supplies).  It also prepares students who are interested in graduate work in this field.
  • Botany/Plant Biology: This program exposes students to the world of vascular and non-vascular plants, protists, and the fungi.  Student who complete specialization have gone on to graduate school in plant breeding and genetics, and have gained employment with firm that perform environmental surveys, and are involved in remediation.  Some have worked in nurseries and one started his own aquatic nursery supplying plants to homeowners, remediation companies, and garden and nursery supply outlets.