Biology E360

All students are required to complete a minimum of two (2) Experience360 (formerly Experiential Learning) Activities - one activity from Group A and one activity from Group B; in order to complete four Academic credits of E360. OOne of these credits will be completed through either the Introduction to Experiential Learning (EX-9900) course or DelVal Experience II (FY-9901) course depending on student’s catalog year.

• Career Exploration Experience: EX-2010 ( 1-3 credits / 40 hours minimum = 1 credit)
• Internship: EX-3010 (3 credits/120 hours minimum)
• Student Research: SR-4041 (1-3 credits)

• Additional Career Exploration Experience: EX-2010 (1-3 credits / 40 hours minimum = 1 credit)
• Additional Internship: EX-3010 (3 credits / 120 hours minimum)
• Additional Student Research: SR-4041 (1-3 credits)
• Study Abroad (0-3 credits; as approved by Department)
• ExL Course: Tropical Ecology (3 credits)
• Major-related Leadership Development Experience (non-credit; as approved by Department)
• Major-related Civic Engagement (non-credit; as approved by Department)
• Major-related Community Service (non-credit; as approved by Department)

Important: Group A and B activities must add up to a minimum of three Academic E360 credits. Students are strongly encouraged to complete additional E360 activities.