Wildlife Society

As a student chapter of The Wildlife Society (TWS), student members actively strive to meet goals set by the national organization.

This includes:

  • Fostering campus and community awareness of wildlife issues
  • Augmenting the educational opportunities for students in natural resources at the College
  • Preparing members for careers in wildlife biology
  • Conservation and management
  • Encouraging professionalism and high standards of scholarship
  • Coordinating with the national organization and other local chapters


Positive Awareness of Wildlife and Zoos (PAWZ)

Positive Awareness of Wildlife and Zoos (PAWZ) is dedicated to improving the welfare of animals in the wild and in captivity through enrichment, volunteer work, and public education. PAWZ provides its members with more opportunities in zoological and wildlife work atmospheres by networking with different locations, such as Philadelphia, Lehigh Valley and Elmwood Park zoos.