The major in history, policy and society will draw on DelVal’s long-time commitment to experiential learning, our strong liberal arts core and our desire to prepare students to take leadership roles in developing critical policy issues affecting and impacting communities. The history, policy and society degree will offer specialization in: 

  • Public history - this specialization will examine the various ways in which stories of our past are taken out of the confines of academia and presented to the general public. Courses will require students to complete hands-on, integrative projects including oral histories, historic preservation, museum exhibits, archival collections and digital preservation. An important part of the program will be the opportunity to engage in extended, hands-on fieldwork at the DelVal Roth Farm as well as required internships. 
  • Policy- this specialization will draw on the strength of DelVal’s undergraduate majors in various agricultural fields as well as those in the environmental and physical sciences. Furthermore, the major will link to the University’s new graduate degree in policy studies with qualified students receiving the opportunity to enroll in the 4+1 program. This program allows students the opportunity to take graduate level courses as undergraduates thus diminishing the time required to receive a master’s degree.
  • Social studies education certification- has been specially designed so that courses in the history, policy and society degree overlap with requirements for the social studies education degree, allowing students enrolled in the major to add a secondary education certification. This allows a greater degree of flexibility for students who are not certain whether they wish to ultimately pursue a career in teaching.

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