As a rising senior, Madison Moore ’15 wanted her last internship to be epic. “I wanted to go out strong,” she says. And strong she did. The media and communication major will be working at, a dominant news site located in Philadelphia. “I’ll be learning about breaking news and social media, writing stories for different sections and working on a summer-long special project, to be determined….by me!”

The Telford-native and commuter student worked hard to get to this point, choosing DelVal because of the small, community feel of campus. “I felt like I would get the most experience and knowledge, and not just be another name on a roll call list,” she said.

During her sophomore year, she took the initiative to start up the student newspaper again, and renamed it The Changing Times to emphasis the constant change in media and, the University’s progression towards university status.

“The paper had a lack of involvement for quite some time,” said Moore. “But being able to start it again, myself, is just another perk of going to DelVal.”

In addition to revitalizing the student newspaper, Moore also works as a writing tutor, was the social media coordinator for the Precarious Alliance, is part of the Presidential Fellows Program, and since her sophomore year has been an intern in the University’s marketing and communications office.

“As a commuter, I find it crucial to be involved on campus and standout from the crowd,” she says. “I am thankful to not only be involved on campus, but to be able to stay busy with jobs and organizations relevant to my future.”

Moore used her networking skills to get the interview at “The husband of someone I knew worked there. She helped me connect with him, but then it was all me, all my experiences at DelVal,” she said.

Moore also credits the hands-on experiences at DelVal. “Without these experiences, I don’t think I would have been as successful. All of my previous employers have been impressed with the amount of clips I have, just the amount of real-world experience I have in general.”

It’s not just the experiences that have made Moore successful. “The professors at DelVal encourage and challenge me to succeed every chance they can,” she said. “They have so much wisdom in the field.”

After graduation, Moore’s goal is to work in New York City. “The city is one giant media hub. Ultimately, I want to write for a news publication. Whatever I do, I am confident that my professors will be able to say that they are a part of the reason I am successful.”