Imagine getting to read the greatest literature produced by writers in English, and, along the way, picking up valuable skills in critical thinking, analysis, writing and communication. Imagine working closely with a talented faculty who have published critical and creative works in a variety of specialties. Imagine taking study abroad trips to places like Ireland or England to see the places where these writers worked and to allow the culture to surround you with its history and its richness. That’s what being a literary studies major at DelVal will be like.

Our faculty conduct small seminar-style classes and will mentor you closely in your pursuit of literature, whether you want to focus on regions and places, cultural connections to literature, or major writers and works. You will learn to write well, an ability that will serve you in any field you pursue after college. You have the opportunity to gain relevant professional experiences through academic conferences, internships, college publications, tutoring in the Writing Center and international travel and study abroad. These hands-on activities allow you to apply your skills, which is valuable for a future career or for graduate school.

Literary studies majors may be found in every career possible, from law to business to publishing. What can I do with a degree in literary studies? Anything. And we’ll help prepare you to do just that.

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