The education curriculum is a blend of professional studies, teaching competencies, field experience and the subject area concentration. The secondary education degree provides a career program based on knowledge of subject content (through required courses in the area of certification), understanding of the teaching and learning processes (through required courses in education and field experience), and proficiency in the liberal arts (through required core courses). A program sequence of courses for each content area and certification is prescribed. The program sequence of courses strives for thorough knowledge of subject area, classroom management skills for the diverse and inclusive classroom, communication skills, use of instructional technology, and the development of rational analysis and critical judgment as it applies to education.

Graduates with a degree from the Department of Education are able to:

  • Teach biology, chemistry, English, science and social studies in grades seven through 12
  • Teach agriculture in grades K-12

Specializations in Secondary Education

  • Agriculture
    Agricultural educators are some of the most in-demand educators in state and the country. Our ag ed majors gain hands-on experience on and off campus and benefit from connecting with area programs. 
  • Biology
    Biology teachers are in high demand and our program prepares educators for this demanding field by connecting them with meaningful experiences in the best schools in the state. 
  • Chemistry
    Our chem ed majors engage in a rigorous on-campus program that is bolstered by field experience in nationally recognized high school programs. 
  • English
    Students in this program experience a revised English curriculum with a solid foundation in pedagogy. A blend of English and American literature; writing and language offerings; cultural, historical, and genre coursework prepare students for careers in top schools. 
  • General Science
    Science teachers are in demand and this concentration provides future educators with a broad base of challenging coursework across all areas of our renowned science programs. General science teachers are the foundational element of quality districts across the state. 
  • Social Studies
    In collaboration with the liberal arts program, student scholars are able to specialize according to their interests while gaining the broad base of knowledge necessary to excel as secondary educators. 

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