• Buskirk-Cohen, Allison

    Associate Professor and Department Chair
    Dr. Allison Buskirk-Cohen has been researching the social lives of children and adolescents for several years.

    t: 215.489.2234
    e: allison.cohen@delval.edu

    Office Hours

    By appointment

  • Ervin, Audrey

    Academic Program Director, Graduate Counseling Psychology
    Associate Professor of Counseling Psychology

    t: 215.489.2290
    e: audrey.ervin@delval.edu

    Office Hours

    Lasker 305
    Varies by semester & by appointment

  • Mutchler, Matt

    Assistant Professor of Counseling Psychology

    t: 215.489.4188
    e: Matthew.Mutchler@delval.edu

    Office Hours

    Lasker 303
    Varies by semester – email to make an appointment