Freshman and Sophomore Honors

The basic element of the program is a series of four one-semester, one credit interdisciplinary experiences, the Honors colloquium or seminar. These seminars are frequently team-taught and feature primary source readings, discussions, guest lecturers, innovative writing assignments, student projects and presentations, and field experiences.  

Sequence follows:

HP 1110  Honors Colloquium I fall semester (1 credit)
HP 1210  Honors Colloquium II spring semester (1 credit)
HP 2111  Honors Colloquium III fall semester (1 credit)
HP 2212  Honors Colloquium IV spring semester (1 credit)

Junior and Senior Honors

Additional credits in Honors are available via departmental selected topics studies, designated interdisciplinary electives, senior research programs as well as the Honors independent study course entitled, “Explorations and Enrichment.”  This unique course allows students to explore their own unique academic, vocational or personal interests.  Activities are usually of an interdisciplinary nature and can take place either on or off campus.  

Upon satisfactory completion of seven Honors credits, the Honors designation is placed on the student’s official record. These credits must include a minimum of three Colloquium credits.