The production of healthy and nutritious food is a necessity of life, and horticulture has global impact in sustaining us while protecting the environment.

As a student in our horticulture program you can focus your studies in either sustainable agriculture, fruit and vegetable production, hydroponics, or plant science and biotechnology.

The small classes in our professional courses enable us to provide you hands-on learning that is the hallmark of our program. As a result, you will receive a comprehensive education in the science, art, and business of horticulture.

Our curriculum includes a broad spectrum of courses that offer hands-on learning opportunities in the laboratory, field, and greenhouse.

DelVal faculty members have diverse training and interest areas, resulting in an exciting mix of courses and educational experiences. Each faculty member maintains close contact with the horticultural industry, and the information and techniques that you learn in our program are on the cutting edge of this exciting field of science.

Contact: Jacqueline Ricotta, Associate Professor


  • Commercial Crop Production and Marketing