The Arthropod Museum at Delaware Valley University began as a small accumulation of insects assembled from specimens collected by students under the mentorship of Dr. Robert Berthold. This collection was kept in storage in the Department of Biology. The collection continues to grow as specimens are added from student collections and research projects relating to arthropod diversity.

The additions of private collections, including a representative collection of donated tropical butterflies have brought the collection to approximately 10,000 pinned and alcohol specimens, including unsorted samples. This collection is currently housed in room 8 of the Mandell Building.

Students working in the Arthropod Museum are offered the unique opportunity to experience the finer points of systematics, taxonomy, and curatorial techniques associated with museums. These opportunities are important for the E360 requirements. Additionally, students are actively involved in field collecting on the Farm 7 Restoration Project along with Reg Hoyt of wildlife and conservation. There have been several successful student research projects through the museum including tarantula behavior, crayfish biology, stink bug/native plant interactions to name a few.