2013 yearlings sold by Delaware Valley College (in order by sire)
Name Pedigree Sire Dam
Artiscapedgate Link Artiscape Canaco Bercy
Hurricanecam Link Cam's Card Shark Armbro Monsoon
Cam's Jam Link Cam's Card Shark Jazzy Jam
Wendy's Card Shark  Link Cam's Card Shark WendyBeth Hanover
Mar Strides Link Lis Mara Mattching Strides
Lavec's Investment Link Mr Lavec Forward Investment
Breezebythemangels Link Nuclear Breeze Dvc Iblievenangles
Frat Rocus Betty Link The Fraternity Pan Steady Ironstone
Fratoromantic Link The Fraternity Pan Romantic Setting
Realartistic Angel Link Real Artist Always An Angel
Volted One Link Village Jolt Artistic One
Joltstheice Link Village Jolt Western Ice
Xactly Supple Link Xactly Hanover Supple Hanover