DelVal has a 99% placement rate of employment within six months of graduation. Graduates with a degree from the Department of Animal Science are able to:

  • Attend veterinary school after their junior year or senior year
  • Attend graduate school
  • Work as livestock farm managers
  • Work as extension service workers
  • Work as animal care technicians
  • Work as veterinary assistants
  • Work in education or government
  • Work in agribusiness
  • Work as lab technicians at pharmaceutical companies
  • Work as sales representatives for pharmaceutical and feed companies

Specializations in Animal Science

  • Dairy Science
    Provides students with the scientific basis for responsible management and husbandry of dairy cattle in modern production systems. Includes courses such as Principles of Dairy Science, Dairy Systems and Management, Dairy Husbandry Techniques, and Dairy Business Analysis. 
  • Livestock Science
    Provides students with the scientific basis and hands-on experience necessary for the effective management of food and fiber producing animals. Includes courses such as Livestock Industries and Careers, Animal Feeding & Nutrition, and a choice of animal-production electives involving beef cattle, swine, sheep and poultry. 
  • Pre-professional Animal Science 
    Prepares students for future matriculation to graduate or professional (veterinary) programs. Includes many courses to fulfill requirements for continued education, such as Organic Chemistry and Microbiology, as well as a choice of animal production electives. 

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