develop knowledge in business and agriculture

Agribusiness students develop knowledge in business and agriculture, management expertise, leadership ability and creativity in thought, problem solving and expression. Student abilities are expanded through the comprehensive program of coursework, employment experience, and participation with agribusiness professionals. The learning environment is extended to the resource people and facilities of industries and the government throughout the northeastern region.

This curriculum provides training, encouraging students to be involved with the social, economic, political, and technological changes taking place in the world. Students will be prepared for careers in food, agribusiness, and the environment. 

Careers in Agribusiness

Graduates with a degree from the Department of Agribusiness have secured positions such as:

  • Financial consultants
  • Training and publication specialists
  • Flock managers and crop consultants
  • Farm market managers
  • Nursery managers
  • Animal health product sales representatives
  • Pharmaceutical sales representatives
  • Plant protection quarantine officers
  • Quality and water analysts
  • Product research and development in some of the industry's leading companies
  • Agri-tourism

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