Get involved with the social, economic, political and technological changes taking place in the world

Within the United States alone, agribusiness, the global food and fiber system, employs nearly one-fifth of the work force and supports nearly twenty percent of the economy. As industry moves forward and opportunities abound to provide an international market with an answer to the increased demand for food and agricultural products, DelVal is ready to provide you with the skills, training, and commercial connections to excel in today’s global market.

You'll be encouraged to become involved with the social, economic, political, and technological changes taking place in the world. To get the most out of our program, we advise students to select courses that focus on your area of personal or professional interests. For example, if you are interested in supply and service, you may want to consider taking a few courses within the horticulture or food science programs. Or if marketing and management is more your style, you can consider courses in accounting, financial services, or marketing.

Our graduates provide the talent agribusinesses need in both management and agricultural sciences. Be part of the new generation who will manage the businesses that provide, transform, and market agricultural products for the consumer and industrial markets.

Academic Degrees